29er Bike Sizing for Maximum Comfort and Safety

by David Bratusa on January 21, 2012

29er Bike Sizing

Earlier there was no such priority for 29er bike sizing, but now in case of the mountain bikes which are having larger 29″ wheels instead of the standard 26″ wheels, is a new trend going in the bike world. There are ample numbers of bikes which are actually coming with 29er bike sizing. These bike wheels are having some of the major distinction with the 26″.

29er Bike Sizing: Advantage of Big Wheels

A 29er mountain bike sizing is best for the ground due to its larger radius and it ends up having a longer contact patch. It has knobs gripping the ground with the rubber. These wheels offer a big advantage where grip is an issue. It get less rolling resistance with a tyre with less tread can be used to get the same grip as a 26er, on a flip side. A 2″ bump is a smaller % of the radius of a 29″ wheel compared to a 26″ wheel as an assumption. Just think about a 4X4 wheels. This gets over the bumper as swift as a bird.

A trade off can be made by using shorter travel suspension as because the wheels ride bumps so well. The saving frame weight in 100mm travel 29er can ride bumps as well as a 120mm bike. 29er bike sizing frames typically weigh more than an equivalent 26er setup with 29er wheel. The spokes are longer as are the tyres, where the rims are a larger circumference.

The 29er will not feel as lively, if you want to sprint out of corners, as you ride a lot of single track. The wheels that don’t what to decelerate make these wheels fly when you get them moving as the combination of wheels that ride over bumps better. This is providing you the right balance and competition. In a word it gives you a competence in your bike riding. You can now get bikes which handle much like their 26er cousins and the companies making 29ers have been learning from each other. It has the personality that brand wants for their 29ers but you must be warned by some bikes that are still made with longer wheel based for better high speed stability.

Other factors like climbing, descending, braking, aerodynamics all is handled in a rocket speed by this 29er bike sizing wheels. So get set go with the new range and leave behind the old!

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